1. Data Management

Data Management
We provided changes for the Red Team draft of the Data Management sections of the MREFC proposal Volume I and supported final edits and document production.
We completed several activities for Data Challenge 2 :

· We created a set of design patterns documented in the UML model for reuse during the remaining Data Challenges and LSST construction phase. These patterns will guide the preliminary design of all the Application Layer software.
· We developed the first version of the DC2 Application Framework UML model , including new designs for Images, Catalogs, Exposures, and Matches, i.e. the elements we will prototype during D2. These designs reuse the C++ Standard Template Library, the Boost open source libraries, and the NASA Vision Workbench Image library. The goal is to create these designs with enough robustness that they can be reused in the LSST construction phase.
· We extended the programming language conventions and standards for C++ and python as well as the development environment tools and procedures . We added new tools to support building the executable software automatically for any version or platform target.

DC2 will feature the first real prototypes of the applications using pre-cursor and simulated LSST data, and is scheduled for execution in September through November, 2007.
We completed a section of work on orbit pre-covery (improving matches between tracks and orbits) in the LSST Pan-STARRS Moving Object Processing System . The product of this joint software effort will start to process on-sky Pan-STARRS 1 data in the summer of 2007 and full operations data by December 31, 2007. It will also be employed in LSST DC2. We are currently in discussions with Pan-STARRS about extending the collaboration beyond the first year to encompass work on parallelizing MOPS, converting portions of it into the LSST Application Framework, and simplifying the current dependencies on certain external libraries.
Several members of Data Management attended AAS in Seattle and several posters were presented by Tim Axelrod, David Wittman, and Zeljko Ivezic.

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