1. Data Management

Data Management
For Data Challenge 2 (collection-828), we finished coding the Image Subtraction stage, and finished implementation of the stand-alone Association Pipeline. We started integration of these pipelines with the pipeline middleware. In the Application Framework we finished coding the Kernel, Exposure, and WCS classes and started testing. In the Middleware API, we finished coding the DataProperty and Persistence classes and started testing, finished design of the Policy, Event, Queue, and Clipboard classes and started coding. We have adjusted the DC2 scope to eliminate stretch goal items (Image Calibration, Provenance) to ensure we stay on track for the scheduled execution of DC2 in October and November, 2007.
We continue to prepare Concept Design Review (document- 3859) materials, including updating the SysML database for the System Engineering requirements traceability. We finished and did a dry run on the first draft of CoDR plenary slide presentations.
We created the first draft of Data Quality Analysis System Operations Concept, including DQ metrics that will be acquired and analyzed during the survey to ensure that we are meeting the science requirements, and a concept for an automated system to enable collection, visualization, and analysis of these metrics.
We held a planning meeting at University of California at Davis (document-3865) to define the scope of Data Challenge 3 and reached agreement that UCD will contribute their multi-fit and deblender algorithms. We also met with Google, and drafted an agenda (document-3864) for the next DM Face to Face meeting to be held at Google Mountain View on October 23 – 24. Finally, we visited Purdue University to discuss their participation LSST. They demonstrated several relevant capabilities, including the ability to dispatch computational pipelines and simulations to TeraGrid, Open Science Grid, and local clusters, a web 2.0 style portal (xHub) for integrating simulations and user collaboration tools, and a number of simulations capable of generated LSST simulated images, source, and object catalogs.
We updated the LSST Data Access Policy (document-3741) and created summary slides for the Concept Design Review. We submitted this for inclusion in the next board meeting package.

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