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Data Management Summary Monthly Report

January 2015
Project Status
Under the leadership of NCSA, and with the support of the NSF Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure, Ephibian, and team members of all subsystems, the LSST IT Security Program (LPM-121 and subordinate documents) was delivered to the NSF on time.
Recruiting and hiring activities continued across all DM institutions: one position was opened, three interviews were conducted, two offers were made, no positions were filled. Thirteen of eighteen positions have been filled to date since the MREFC award, while five positions remain open.

Work continued towards end of February completion in all areas of Winter 2015 applications and middleware. Planning for Summer 2015 started with all teams identifying the next round of features and tests against the LDM-240 Key Progress Metrics.

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Current Photos
Current membership of DM, growing fast as we staff up, with photos, is at:

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Risk Management
There were no new DM risks reported this month and no significant change to Exposure, but from a process standpoint, I am now having each Control Account/Technical Manager at each institution review the risks in their respective WBS areas.


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Detailed Project Progress and Status

DM Project Management and Control

Current accomplishments:

The DM Project Manager:

·   Continued to support NSF Cooperative Agreement risk/contingency negotiations. Attended meeting with Project Office and Carol Wilkinson of the NSF to clarify the approach to estimating contingency.
·   Under the leadership of Don Petravick at NCSA, and with the support of the NSF Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure, Lee LeClair of Ephibian, German Schumacher, Kian-Tat Lim, and Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, the IT Security Program (aka Cyber-security plan) was delivered to the NSF on time.
·   Continued recruiting and hiring activities: opened the DM Deputy System Architect (internal posting) and DM SQuaRE Software/Documentation Engineer positions.
·   Continued work with AURA on MREFC contracts for all DM lead institutions. The SLAC, Princeton, NCSA, and REUNA contracts are signed. UW, IPAC, and FIU sub award contracts have completed final round of comments with AURA contracts and institution counterparts and are awaiting signature.
·   Continued development of draft Memorandum of Agreement with IN2P3 for operations. Comments from NCSA are expected and a final round of edits will be made, before submission to the LSST Corp. Board subcommittee. An executive coordination meeting in Lyon between LSSTPO, NCSA and IN2P3 has been scheduled for March 5. A meeting in Lyon between NCSA and IN2P3 for implementation coordination has been scheduled April 22.
·   Continued development of MOA for Brazilian contributions to operations (Networks). The MOA has been briefed to the responsible agencies, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCTI) and the Sao Paolo Research Foundation (FAPESP). A letter of support enabling the MOA and allowing for signature by the Brazilian RENs RNP and ANSP is in process.
·   Initiated Winter 2015 plan update and Summer 2015 detailed plan.
·   Planned the Data Management All Hands Meeting at SLAC February 9 - 13.
·   Served on the panel of the US Atlas Operations Review at BNL.
·   Briefed the AMCL on DM status.
·   Coordinated approach to updating the Calibration Plan with Robert Lupton, Mario, Juric, Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, Chuck Claver, and George Angeli. Dr. Lupton and I identified a list of candidates to perform near-term analysis tasks in support of the plan, and Dr. Lupton is in the process of contacting them.

Planned activities:

The DM Project Manager will:

·   Continue to support NSF Cooperative Agreement Risk/Contingency negotiations. Develop correlations in DM plan in PMCS.
·   Continue recruiting and hiring: conduct interviews for DM SQuaRE Software/Documentation Engineer and Deputy System Architect.
·   Complete work with AURA on MREFC contracts for remaining DM lead institutions.
·   Continue development of draft Memoranda of Agreement with IN2P3 and Brazil.
·   Complete Summer 15 planning
·   Conduct the Data Management All Hands Meeting at SLAC February 9 - 13
·   Present Data Management status at AMCL meeting
·   Continue updates to IT Security Program, assign IT Security Officer

DM Science

Current accomplishments:
Hiring remained the focus of January activities, in addition to travel to support project-wide activities such as the Project Science Team and AAS meetings.
The DM Project Scientist interviewed three additional candidates for the Level 1 DM science lead (position located at UW). The top candidate has been identified and the offer has been made. We're expecting to hear back from the candidate by the end of February.
The DM Project Scientist also interviewed five candidates for the DM Analysis scientist (recently renamed to LSST Data Systems Fellow) postdoc position, and
identified two outstanding candidates. Work is under way to identify non-project funds that could be used to hire both, thus helping LSST development (as well as diversity).
The DM Project Scientist also took part representing LSST at the AAS meeting in Seattle, and the PST meeting in Tucson.
Planned activities:
In February, the DM Project Scientist's primary focus will remain on completion of staffing up, activities related to the DM All Hands meeting, as well as representing DM in project-level or project-related meetings (DESC and PST). The DM Project Scientist also expects to spend a significant fraction of time evaluating PhoSim for its continued suitability as a tool for DM work.
DM System Engineering

Current accomplishments:

Activities completed by the DM System Architect include:

·   Assisted with computer security document
·   Worked with SUI/Data Access on image cutout and REST API design
·   Defined lines between file systems, file management, metadata, databases
·   Attended HEP Software Foundation workshop, discussed lessons learned
·   Attended Kahnfest
·   Prepared for DM All Hands Meeting
·   Described LSST alerts for Symmetry magazine article
·   Worked on refinement of New Butler
·   Discussed potential reuse of LSST software with Nao Suzuki of IPMU

Planned activities:

The DM System Architect will:

·   Help conduct DM All Hands Meeting
·   Start refining Base Center design
·   Discuss status of Sizing Model and note action items
·   Refresh team on development practices and tools
·   Assist with deep dive into Data Release algorithms and dataflows
·   Deliver talk on LSST data movement at CrossConnects Cosmology workshop
·   Attend OCS Middleware Workshop to define details of OCS communication
·   Work to define details of Camera DAQ protocols
·   Participate in Chilean Networks Acquisition review
·   Continue work on New Butler

DM Science Quality and Reliability Engineering (SQuaRE)

Current Accomplishments:

02C.01.02 Management

·   Josh Hoblitt onboarding: JH officially started DM work in mid-January, as SQuaRE’s first new addition

·   Robyn Allsman off-boarding: RA retired from LSST-DM, we wish her all the best with her new pursuits

02C.01.02.03 L3 Toolkit (Productized Stack)

·   Automatic VM provisioning for stack release integration tests: JH developed a Vagrant-based infrastructure for doing test builds required for release preparation

02C.07.03.01 Software Development Tools (Developer Support)

·   JIRA modifications for Simulations group: FE supported the Sims groups as they merged their two largest JIRA projects and developed a new workflow

·   Github migration preparation work: FE & JH made some modifications to ease the transition of our repositories to Github

·   Test removal of git package from new installation process: FE verified that we do not need to distribute our own version of git, as it is not necessary for newinstall.sh to complete successfully

05C Education and Public Outreach

FE & JH spent 1 week on an EPO Sprint

Planned Activities:

·   Migration to git

·   Recruitment for Software/Documentation Engineer position

·   DM All Hands meeting

·   S15 Planning

·   JH to attend SCALE

DM Applications, Middleware, and Infrastructure

Current accomplishments:

Work continued towards end of February completion in all areas of Winter 2015 applications and middleware. Planning for Summer 2015 started with all teams identifying next round of features and tests against the LDM-240 Key Progress Metrics.

Planned activities:

·  Continue Winter 2015 sprints per JIRA and PMCS plans
·  Complete Summer 2015 planning
·  Continue needs analysis for first acquisitions of Development and Integration clusters.
·  Continue Base Data Center design as updates to LSE-77 ICD and a more detailed lower level document.
·  Conduct LSST Chilean Networks Acquisition Review on February 24

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