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Presentations from Public Talks 2018
Bauer, Amanda (User-1441, abauer:LSST)read-only
Friday, December 22, 2017 07:30:22 AM MST
Wednesday, January 16, 2019 02:24:51 PM MST
McKercher, Robert (User-727, mckercher:LSST)CPX
Presentations from Public Talks
180424_LSST_PST_alert_distribution.pdf2018-03-27 LSST Astrometry PSTA MULTI-BAND, MULTI-RESOLUTION DEBLENDER FOR LSST (& OTHERS)AAS231 (2018) Town HallAddressing blending challenges with neural networks — A case study: Mask R-CNNAn NMF DeblenderBlend Exclusion BiasBlending in LSSTCommissioning - Science Verification StatusCONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORKS AND INDEPENDENT COMPONENT ANALYSIS OF MULTI-FILTER IMAGING DATACONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORKS AND INDEPENDENT COMPONENT ANALYSIS OF MULTI-FILTER IMAGING DATA, PART IICurrent block scheduleDeblending and why it is ImpossibleDeblending galaxies with deep, convolutional, probabilistic neural networksDeblending in the Context of BFD Lensing Inferencesfinal AAS aah poster.pdfim3shape and Blending in Year One of the Dark Energy SurveyImage Simulations for Blended Objects LineA-Communications-upload.pptxLSST Data Management OverviewLSST Data Release PipelinesLSST Pipelines and Data Products LSST Project StatusLSST Project Status 2018 09 20 Brazil.pptxLSST Public Talk at LPI Sky Fest September 2018LSST Science Collaborations Status and Current Activities10-24-18.pdfLSST Solar System Processing: Status and PlansLSST2018 Public LectureMOF, the Multi-object Fitting DeblenderPhotometric ProductsQuantifying effects of blending using simulated galaxy pairsSCARLET UpdateSCARLET: FUTURE DIRECTIONSShear estimation and blending in HSCStalder Talk at La Paloma AcademyThe Scheduler development progress and new Feature-based algorithm Using Coadds for Photometry and ShearUsing the Bayesian Evidence for Source Extraction, Model Comparison and DeblendingWHAT CAN THE OCCULT DO FOR YOU?
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