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McKercher, Robert (User-727, mckercher:LSST)CPX
Thursday, February 8, 2018 01:49:03 PM MST
Thursday, February 8, 2018 01:49:03 PM MST
Presentations from Public Talks
180424_LSST_PST_alert_distribution.pdf2018-03-27 LSST Astrometry PST20190501 Project Status PST SAC.pptxAAS229 (2017) Town HallAAS231 (2018) Town HallAlerts in LSST Operations Year 1 (LOY1)Blending in LSSTBuilding the next great science engineCommissioning - Science Verification StatusCommissioning and Pre-Operations Data Policy and ServingCommissioning Update February 2022Computing for ngVLA- Lessons from LSST.pptxCurrent block scheduleDonDossa2017.pptxfinal AAS aah poster.pdfiau-pavilion.pdfKrabbendam LSSTC Mirror Event Lunch TalkLarge Synoptic Survey Telescope: the construction of a discovery machineLearn How a Large Telescope and Time-Stamped Data is Helping Us to Understand the Universe BetterLSST - A Discovery Machine for ELT Era ScienceLSST and the Physics of the Dark UniverseLSST Data Management OverviewLSST Director's Report April 2016 LSSTC Board MeetingLSST Education and Public OutreachLSST-IAU-NSF-Booth-4.pptxLSST Pipelines and Data Products LSST Project StatusLSST Public Talk - Orange Grove Middle School - Angelo.pdfLSST Public Talk at LPI Sky Fest September 2018LSST Science Collaborations Status and Current Activities10-24-18.pdfLSST Science Platform — Final Design ReviewLSST Solar System Processing: Status and PlansLSST: A New Sentinel for the UniverseLSST: Taking a Census of the UniversePhotometric ProductsRubin CET & Sci Collab Chairs Impromptu Discussion SCOC and Science Collaborations Chairs Telecon 1Stalder Talk at La Paloma AcademySurvey Strategy White Papers.pdfSystem Integration, Testing and Commissioning Status.pdfThe Big Picture: Science and Public Outreach with Astronomical Surveys
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