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Presentations from Public Talks 2020
Gill, Ranpal (User-1444, rgill:LSST)DS
Friday, January 10, 2020 06:06:45 PM MST
Friday, January 10, 2020 06:06:45 PM MST
Presentations from Public Talks
2020-02-03DataRights-RGill.pptx2020-05-20, Chuck Claver "Project Update"AAS235 Open HouseColoring the UniverseCosmology and the Clustering of GalaxiesExploring the UniverseExplosions in our DataImpact of satellite constellationsInventorying the Solar System with LSSTRubin Obs 2020 AURA Awards PresentedRubin Obs Data PolicyRubin Ops Operations UpdateScience4Dev-Ranpal Gill.pptxSurvey Cadence Optimization CommitteeThe Expanding Universe as seen with the Vera C. Rubin ObservatoryThe Rubin Observatory Formal Education ProgramThe Vera Rubin Observatory: How Astronomy's Biggest Dataset Will Change Your UniverseTransients 2020 Workforce planning presentation
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