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Presentations from Public Talks 2020
Gill, Ranpal (User-1444, rgill:LSST)DS
Friday, January 10, 2020 06:06:45 PM MST
Friday, January 10, 2020 06:06:45 PM MST
Presentations from Public Talks
2020-02-03DataRights-RGill.pptx2020-05-20, Chuck Claver "Project Update"AAS235 Open HouseColoring the UniverseCosmology and the Clustering of GalaxiesExploring the UniverseExplosions in our DataImpact of satellite constellationsInventorying the Solar System with LSSTRubin InfluxDays - Angelo slides Rubin Obs 2020 AURA Awards PresentedRubin Obs Data PolicyRubin Ops Operations UpdateScience4Dev-Ranpal Gill.pptxSCOC and Science Collaborations Chairs Telecon 1Survey Cadence Optimization CommitteeThe Expanding Universe as seen with the Vera C. Rubin ObservatoryThe Rubin Observatory Formal Education ProgramThe Vera Rubin Observatory: How Astronomy's Biggest Dataset Will Change Your UniverseTransients 2020 Workforce planning presentation
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