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  Document A Summary Report (CCBminion1016.pdf)

Description of proposed reference simulated survey minion_1016

Document-19427 zivezic 12/11/19 7 MB
  Document Database for minion1016 (minion_1016_sqlite.db.gz)

SQLite database file of simulated survey minion_1016

Document-21441 cpetry 12/11/19 1948 MB
  Document MAF Results (Data files)

MAF files for both and

Document-26472 cpetry 12/11/19 442 MB
  Document Please Read Me (ReadMe.pdf)

PDF describing the contents of this collection

Document-21586 cpetry 08/25/17 85 KB
  Document Source files for A Summary Report (CCBminion1016.tar.gz)

All LaTeX files and figures for Summary Report in a gzipped tar file

Document-19428 zivezic 12/11/19 14 MB
  URL MAF Results (Browsable)

Selected MAF analyses for minion_1016

URL-885 cpetry 08/25/17 0
  URL OpSim Code - sims_operations in GitHub

Tagged version 3.3.5 was used - see ReadMe in this collection

URL-890 cpetry 07/20/16 0
  URL OpSim Configuration Files - opsim3_config in GitHub

Branch reference/minion_1016 contains all parameters - see ReadMe in this collection

URL-889 cpetry 07/20/16 0