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  Collection AAS231 (2018) Town Hall

Town hall presentations

Collection-6297 rgill 01/29/18 3
  Document 180424_LSST_PST_alert_distribution.pdf Document-28317 eacosta 05/03/18 5 MB
  Document 2018-03-27 LSST Astrometry PST Document-28196 eacosta 04/09/18 6 MB
  Document Alerts in LSST Operations Year 1 (LOY1) Document-35152 eacosta 11/26/19 6 MB
  Document Blending in LSST Document-29152 eacosta 08/28/18 6 MB
  Document Commissioning - Science Verification Status Document-30783 eacosta 12/21/18 28 MB
  Document Commissioning and Pre-Operations Data Policy and Serving Document-32587 eacosta 04/12/19 9 MB
  Document Computing for ngVLA- Lessons from LSST.pptx Document-18435 eacosta 12/12/15 8 MB
  Document iau-pavilion.pdf

Lynne Jone's Presentation from IAU 2015

Document-18375 eacosta 05/11/16 9 MB
  Document Krabbendam LSSTC Mirror Event Lunch Talk

Overview presentation at the January 2015 LSSTC Mirror Event lunch

Document-17215 victor 02/17/15 6 MB
  Document LSST and the Physics of the Dark Universe

34 MB

Document-16275 tony 05/06/16 33 MB
  Document LSST Director's Report April 2016 LSSTC Board Meeting

Steve Kahn’s presentation to the LSSTC Board Meeting April 2016 (corrected from the version posted on the LSSTC Agenda website).

Document-20173 eacosta 11/09/16 4 MB
  Document LSST Education and Public Outreach

PST Talk

Document-34275 eacosta 07/15/19 90 MB
  Document LSST Pipelines and Data Products

Jim Bosch / LSST PST / January 30, 2018

Document-27953 eacosta 02/20/18 3 MB
  Document LSST Project Status Document-28703 eacosta 06/25/18 51 MB
  Document LSST Science Collaborations Status and Current Activities10-24-18.pdf Document-30436 eacosta 11/12/18 8 MB
  Document Currently locked by: rblum LSST Science Platform — Final Design Review Document-32376 eacosta 04/15/19 11 MB
  Document LSST Solar System Processing: Status and Plans Document-28744 eacosta 07/05/18 9 MB
  Document Currently locked by: reil LSST: Taking a Census of the Universe Document-18403 eacosta 11/19/15 36 MB
  Document LSST-IAU-NSF-Booth-4.pptx Document-18434 eacosta 12/10/15 191 MB
  Document Photometric Products Document-28062 eacosta 03/06/18 2 MB
  Document Stalder Talk at La Paloma Academy Document-30390 bstalder 11/08/18 26 MB
  Document Survey Strategy White Papers.pdf

PST Talk - Survey Strategy White Papers

Document-32193 eacosta 02/06/19 3 MB
  Document The Big Picture: Science and Public Outreach with Astronomical Surveys

Public talk given at Wednesday Nite @ the Lab 17 April 2019

Document-32612 kbechtol 04/19/19 173 MB
  URL AAS229 (2017) Town Hall URL-1436 rgill 01/17/18 0
  URL Current block schedule

Current block schedule to use in presentations

URL-1438 rgill 01/18/18 0
  Presentation 20190501 Project Status PST SAC.pptx

Brief Project Status for PST / SC Chairs

presentation-972 victor 05/01/19 16 MB
  Presentation Building the next great science engine presentation-637 rgill 01/17/18 93 MB
  Presentation Commissioning Update February 2022 presentation-1661 eacosta 02/03/22 8 MB
  Presentation DonDossa2017.pptx

General presentation for Public audience

presentation-636 rgill 01/17/18 35 MB
  Presentation final AAS aah poster.pdf

Ardis Herrold 2018 AAS poster

presentation-621 abauer 01/16/19 4 MB
  Presentation Large Synoptic Survey Telescope: the construction of a discovery machine presentation-1168 mckercher 09/04/19 11 MB
  Presentation Learn How a Large Telescope and Time-Stamped Data is Helping Us to Understand the Universe Better presentation-1211 mckercher 12/03/19 10 MB
  Presentation LSST - A Discovery Machine for ELT Era Science presentation-151 eacosta 01/25/16 8 MB
  Presentation LSST Data Management Overview presentation-950 suzanne 01/29/19 17 MB
  Presentation LSST Public Talk - Orange Grove Middle School - Angelo.pdf

Presentation by Angelo Fausti 4/5/19 for 6th graders

presentation-962 suzanne 04/09/19 14 MB
  Presentation LSST Public Talk at LPI Sky Fest September 2018

LSST overview presentation for a public audience

presentation-961 abauer 03/21/19 9 MB
  Presentation LSST: A New Sentinel for the Universe

West Virginia University physics and astronomy department colloquium

presentation-971 mckercher 05/01/19 99 MB
  Presentation Rubin CET & Sci Collab Chairs Impromptu Discussion presentation-1701 eacosta 07/08/22 2 MB
  Presentation SCOC and Science Collaborations Chairs Telecon 1 presentation-1431 eacosta 10/21/20 333 KB
  Presentation System Integration, Testing and Commissioning Status.pdf presentation-1531 eacosta 05/27/21 5 MB