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  Document Rubin Obs Data Policy Document-35726 eacosta 05/05/20 614 KB
  URL Exploring the Universe

Phil Marshall, March 4, 2020: Silicon Valley Astronomy Lecture Series

URL-2474 rgill 03/11/20 0
  URL Rubin Ops Operations Update

2020-04-29 Operations Overview Phil Marshall, Rubin Observatory Deputy Director of Operations, SLAC

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  Presentation 2020-02-03DataRights-RGill.pptx

Kavli IUA Transients 2020 workshop

presentation-1252 rgill 02/04/20 6 MB
  Presentation 2020-05-20, Chuck Claver "Project Update" presentation-1334 eacosta 05/22/20 110 MB
  Presentation AAS235 Open House

LSST named NSF Vera C. Rubin Observatory

presentation-1243 rgill 02/13/20 10 MB
  Presentation Impact of satellite constellations

Impact of satellite constellations - presentation to congress

presentation-1271 rgill 03/20/20 2 MB
  Presentation Science4Dev-Ranpal Gill.pptx

presented to astro and general science audience

presentation-1251 rgill 02/04/20 155 MB
  Presentation Survey Cadence Optimization Committee presentation-1341 eacosta 07/08/20 42 KB
  Presentation Transients 2020 Workforce planning presentation presentation-1261 rgill 02/13/20 58 MB