Xerox® DocuShare® 7.0 Release Notes

What's New in this Release

  • New Web UI includes updated icons and color themes, utilizes responsive design, and provides improved site navigation.
  • Customize the images and text to display on the home page using the Web interface.
  • Easily upload documents using drag and drop; download a zip file of selected documents.
  • Quickly add objects to your favorites using the Add to Favorites button under Actions.
  • Collection listing enhancements:
    • Choose which objects appear in the Add menu
    • Choose the properties to use for column headings
    • Sort objects using custom properties in ascending and descending order
  • Customize email notifications.
  • Document routing enhancements:
    • Allow recipients to make changes to routed documents
    • Return documents to the task initiator after review
    • Make the routed document the preferred version if it is approved by all
  • New content rules actions:
    • Add group permissions
    • Automatically file content
    • Create routing task
    • Export documents to DocuShare
    • Remove group permissions
    • Update external database
  • Ability to copy content rules.
  • Content Rules Manager UI for managing all site content rules.
  • Quick Search supports searching for collections and email messages.
  • Advanced Search includes a new field, Find Results Using Menu Values, for selecting search terms from property menus.
  • All users with appropriate permissions can view workspaces.
  • New reporting features:
    • Object reporting (previously available in DocuShare Lifecycle Manager only)
    • Group membership reporting
    • Permissions reporting
  • DocuShare Lifecycle Manager enhancements:
    • A group titled Lifecycle Manager Users controls who can create policies
    • Create polices to search additional types of objects
    • Run a policy immediately regardless of the Period setting
    • Preview a policy to check the objects the policy applies to
    • Send email notifications to object owners instead of policy creators
  • New add-on, Xerox DocuShare Application Connector, enables displaying a link within an application that when clicked searches a DocuShare site and displays the results.

Installation Notes

  • The DocuShare 7 installer installs Xerox ConnectKey for DocuShare with one MFP connection (Windows platforms only), Xerox DocuShare Print and Email and Xerox DocuShare Application Connector (must be purchased and licensed to enable the capability). Additionally, you can select the languages packs to install using the DocuShare 7 installer.

For information on how to configure ConnectKey for DocuShare, refer to the Xerox ConnectKey for DocuShare Setup Guide located on the Help Desk.

Web Server Notes

  • When creating a bridge between the Microsoft IIS web server and DocuShare, make sure these IIS role services are installed and enabled: IIS Management Scripts and Tools, ISAPI Extensions, and ISAPI Filters. The DocuShare IIS Tool requires these services.
  • If you previously installed the bridge between the Microsoft IIS web server and DocuShare and you plan to use the Mobile Client Connector, you need to uninstall the previous version of the bridge and then install the new version of the bridge using the IIS Tool that is included with DocuShare 7.
  • If you are using the Apache web server configured for HTTPS and you experience broken links for the Quick Search home page, Classic DocuShare home page, or My DocuShare, do the following:
    • Open <DSHome>\config\
    • Check if "http_protocol" equals https.
    • If "http_protocol=https", set "http_port" to the HTTPS port you configured during the Apache web server setup (443 by default).

Upgrade Notes

Upgrades and DocuShare on 32-bit operating systems

  • If you are upgrading a version of DocuShare that is running on a 32-bit operating system to release 7.0, you must follow a specific upgrade procedure. Refer to the article titled "How to Upgrade to DocuShare 7.0 64-bit from a Previous Version of 32-bit DocuShare" in the DocuShare Knowledge Base.

Relaunch the browser and clear the cache after upgrading

After upgrading to DocuShare 7 from an earlier version of DocuShare, close and re-open the browser as well as clear the cache to have the new UI display correctly.

Re-indexing IDOL search indexes may be required after upgrading

Some upgraded servers may have an existing problem where objects with multiple parents were not properly indexed for search. At a convenient time, after upgrading, run the following command to find and index these objects:

multipleparents.bat/sh {option}

Options: -h (Help); -debug (set log level to debug mode); -index (automatically index affected handles. The command does not ask if you want to index the objects.)

Note: Indexing may take a long time to complete on sites with a large number of multiple parent objects. Alternatively, you can run the dsindex utility with the index_all option after upgrading to index the multiple parent objects.

Content Map and Show All button

  • After an upgrade, the Content Map and usage of the Show All button are disabled and will need to be re-enabled, as needed. If you are an administrator, you can enable the features on the Site Configuration page in the Administration UI.

MIME Type assignment method

  • New installations of DocuShare 7.0 set the MIME Type Assignment Method to use the file extension algorithm. Upgrades to DocuShare 7.0 preserve the existing MIME Type Assignment Method setting. If you are upgrading to 7.0 and the MIME Type Assignment Method is set to use the file content algorithm, it is strongly recommended that you change the MIME Type Assignment Method to the file extension algorithm. Using the file content algorithm consumes system resources, which can affect performance. To change the MIME Type Assignment Method, use the Site Management | MIME Types page in the Admin UI.


  • DocuShare 7 provides new themes, or color schemes, for the site. After upgrading, the themes in the previous release are no longer available. If users had selected a theme, they are assigned the new default theme in DocuShare 7.

Xerox Process Automation for DocuShare

If your site uses Xerox DocuShare eForms, you must first upgrade to Xerox Process Automation for DocuShare 7.6 before upgrading to DocuShare 7. Contact Xerox Content Management Professional Services or your DocuShare sales representative to have the Xerox Process Automation 7.6 upgrade performed.

System Requirements Notes

Windows Internet Explorer in Compatibility View

  • When using Internet Explorer 10 or 11, do not display DocuShare 7 in Compatibility View. For all system requirements, see

Windows Platforms

Upgrades and DocuShare installations on a Windows NTFS volume

  • When upgrading to DocuShare 7 and the current version is installed on a Windows NT File System (NTFS) volume, it is recommended to use lowercase for the virtual root directory name. The virtual root corresponds to the DocuShare Tomcat web application directory, which is a component of the DocuShare URL. If lowercase is not used, DocuShare might not restart.

Additional Notes

DocuShare add-ons and features not supported in the release

  • Xerox DocuShare Records Manager
  • Xerox DocuShare Interact. Interact pages created in a previous version of DocuShare are preserved after an upgrade.
  • Xerox SMARTsend
  • Scan cover sheets and PDF Conversion on Solaris platforms
  • TrueMatch, the find duplicate documents feature. If you are upgrading to DocuShare 7 and TrueMatch is enabled on your site, then you will need to clean up the event queue. You can run the diagEvent display all command to check if TrueMatch is enabled. If the command indicates that the CopyFinder queue has queued events. run diagEvent delete CopyFinder to delete the queue.

Xerox DocuShare Email Agent

  • Xerox DocuShare Email Agent does not support encrypted email messages.

Content Store Statistics

  • The Last Directory column heading on the Content Store Statistics page (available to administrators) refers to the last directory upgraded and not to the last directory created.

Multiple DocuShare instances on the same server

  • If you have other instances of DocuShare running on the same server, make sure those instances are running before installing additional instances. on Solaris and Linux platforms

  • If the RMI port number for the DocuShare site is a value other than the default (1099), add the JVM parameter "${newRMIPort}" to For example:

    java -cp ${MY_CLASSPATH}${DOCUSHARE_HOME} -Dverbose=false -Xms256m -Xmx512m "$@"

Known Issues

Object Reporting configuration and custom properties: If you select a custom property to use as a column heading in a report and later delete the custom property, the heading still displays in object reports. To remove the custom property as a column heading, go to the Object Reporting Configuration page in the Admin UI, click in the Selected Properties area and click Apply.

Document titles containing double-byte characters are corrupted after decompressing a zip file: If you use the zip and download feature and then decompress the zip file on Windows 7, document titles containing double-byte characters are corrupted. This is a known issue with the Windows zip program. See the Microsoft article for more information:

Editing existing weblog entries after upgrading to DocuShare 7: When a weblog entry contains text copied from Microsoft Word, you may not be able to edit the entry. If that occurs, try editing the weblog entry using Firefox or copy and paste the text to a new weblog entry.

Fixes in the Release

AR Number SPAR Number Description

Automated Email Agent and WorkFlow replies are sent in the user’s specified email format.

29220   Uploading custom objects with long names no longer causes an error.
30156   An error message displays when incorrectly combining search terms using the 'Or' logical operator.
30923   Quick Search correctly displays email messages.
31164   The Workflow Manager correctly deletes old workflows using the specified date format.
31186   The email address specified in the Subscription Administrator Email field on the Subscription page receives an email when the email address of a notification recipient is incorrect.
31352   Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities are no longer present in the document routing, content rules and personal trashcan features.
31423 90874 The ampersand (&) symbol now displays in object titles in collection listings.
31586 91834 Usage of the 'Or' and 'And' operators in the simple search options now returns the correct search results.
31875   Discussion topics can now be sorted in both ascending and descending orders.
32850 93448 The Add and Edit Collection pages display faster when there are more than 100 saved routing slips.
32933   Selected menu items on a submitted eForm now display on the form after it is stored in DocuShare.


  • Underscore character and searches: Contrary to what is stated in the User Guide, the underscore character (_) is not an alphanumeric character.

Additional Information and Support

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